Migrating to a private cloud?

Is your data on Google, Dropbox or OneDrive and you’d like to migrate to a private cloud? 🌞 Today we introduce our migration apps that automate this for you!


Bootstrap Website Templates

Our Bootstrap Website Templates utilise files stored within deskonline (Nextcloud) to display beautiful websites that are easily configurable.

The Camunda Workflow Engine allows orchestration of content delivery and BPMN workflow task facilities.

the Files app in deskonline

SUPER easy to use file structure, keep your files safe with permissions, access your files from mobile, tablet, laptop or PC (Windows or Linux).

👉 keep your files centrally organised

👉 allow staff and volunteers to easily update shared files

👉 make sure you don’t lose all those files that are stored on that old laptop or on someone’s personal cloud account

👉 manage a shared email account

👉 manage a calendar of events

The Camunda app in deskonline

👉 ok, so this one is a little bit special because this app has been built by us for integration with Nextcloud and is only available (at the moment…) in deskonline.

If you know Camunda, you will know that 👉 this.is.pretty.damn.cool. There will be much more to share over the coming weeks and months so keep an eye out 🧐