the OnlyOffice editor in deskonline

Create flowcharts from templates or from scratch, save as .xml files and share with other users for review and updates.

Need a flowchart but don’t have VISIO? No problem, create a diagram in deskonline, flowchart away (using one of the MANY templates available or start from scratch) then send your compadre a link to the file and it will open in VISIO or in deskonline (using OnlyOffice).

the Deck app in deskonline – Gig List is looking empty *COVID

keeping track of our gigs this year using the Deck…those lists would usually be packed full of cards by now!

Labels – these are customisable per deck, add your own to track status or use the predefined labels.
Users – assign users to the card to notify someone of a task or activity they need to be involved in. We use it here to show who’s got a ticket to the show.
Stacks – SO MANY STACKS of cards! I’ve said this before, it’s like having an unlimited amount of post-it notes, only they don’t fall off the wall 😉

the OnlyOffice editor in deskonline – spreadsheets!

This is what a spreadsheet looks like using the OnlyOffice editor.

👉 File is saved as .xlsx

👉 When accessed through deskonline, either directly or via a link, the file can be updated by multiple users at the same time.

👉 You can share the file for updating with people who are not deskonline users.

Remote working now?

If you need some help finding the remote working collaboration tool that works for you, we’d love to introduce you to to see if it is the right fit for your business.

We’re a little biased, but we think is a neat alternative to the big guys.

Get on with your business from wherever you and your team are 👉

💻 Create, share and update your documents real time from any device with internet connection (laptop, pc, tablet, smartphone)

📲 Keep your team conversations going with Talk (chat + video calls + screen sharing)

💻 View team Activities to help you all stay up to date with what’s going on

📲 Explore a suite of pretty cool collaboration tools (Kanban, Dashboard Charts, Calendar, Project Groups + more) is an Australian AWS hosted Nextcloud shared environment, utilising end-to-end encryption to securely segregate your data from everyone else’s.

afternoon at a small business expo…

We had a very interesting afternoon at a small business expo and where ‘the cloud’ was mentioned constantly.

Everyone explained how they wanted to move to the cloud, but they also want the reassurance they have by having a company server which they could ‘touch’. So the the physical reassurance is still paramount.

With Deskonline, the Nextcloud sync agent can be installed on Windows or Linux and provides two-way data synchronization. This not only provides an encrypted backup to your data, but also provides online access to your files which are still stored on your physical server.

What does this mean? A seamless user experience in the transition to ‘the cloud’. Work natively as you always have, but know that your files are backed up and accessible to you from when you log into deskonline from any device connected to the internet (phone, tablet, laptop, pc).

Protect your precious photos with auto-upload

📱 Imagine taking a photo on your phone and knowing that 10 minutes later your photo is safe on your home computer.
Select a folder on your phone or device and all photos in that folder will be automatically scheduled for back up via upload to

📲 Auto-uploads are enabled when connected over Wi-Fi

📲 Uploads can be scheduled and are enabled even when connected over the mobile network.

💻Access your photos on using the Nextcloud app or a web browser from any device

Where is your business data stored and what would happen if it was suddenly removed?

Integrate with your Disaster Recovery strategy to mitigate the business impact of lost data:

Protect your data in the event of hardware damage or theft

Customer data, financial records, sales and marketing collateral; how long would it take you to recreate this data if it was suddenly inaccessible?

• Drag and drop to create copies of files with date time stamp or schedule auto-uploads from a specific folder on your device

• Access your files at any time from Nextcloud app or via web browser from any device