6 work trends that shape the employee experience

The influence of these six trends on the employee experience highlights the need for the EVP (Employee Value Proposition) to adapt and deal with changes in employee expectations.

deskonline is a digital workspace with a focus on hybrid workforce integration that can assist your company in adjusting to these developments.

Garter released this report highlighting the 9 work trends that shape employee experience.

If you’re using deskonline as your online workspace GREAT NEWS! Here are the work trends that you’re helping to shape to improve the employee experience for your people:

  1. Hybrid work becoming mainstream
  2. Well-being as a key metric
  3. Turnover $ increasing
  4. Managers’ roles changing
  5. Gen Z wanting in-person work experiences
  6. Shorter weeks as a new EVP

If you’re not using deskonline and are looking for an Australian based online workspace to help you adjust to these emerging work trend, reach out, we’d love to talk!

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