Contractor on a project team with no access to the corporate network… lets you save files to a central location, with either secure links or passwords to let you control who can access the files.

Program and Project Teams

If you’re a contractor in this space you know the pain around BYOD vs access to company network vs maintaining a single file repository for project documents. Now you can keep your own templates and project documents in for secure access wherever you are and without connecting to a company fileserver.

  • Log in to via mobile, tablet or desktop with internet to access your files
  • Drag and drop to load files into your space with a date time stamp
  • Set permissions control access to individual files or folders
  • Use permissions to grant secure access to external users or within your circle of contacts
  • No need to resend files after they are updated – update files in or upload a new file and resend the link only


You should also check out the real time collaboration features that offers to boost efficiency of document reviews (think requirement specs, project plans, progress reports, RACI, change plans).

Simultaneous co-authoring is pretty cool and especially useful when you have team members reviewing, contributing and approving document from multiple locations.

To find out more about how can help you by being a #safeplacetosyncandstore head over to and sign-up for your 30 day trial.

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