a digital workspace for business teams and individuals

Integrate deskonline.cloud with your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategies to mitigate the business impact of lost data

  • Protect your data in the event of hardware damage or theft
  • Customer data, financial records, sales and marketing collateral; how long would it take you to recreate this data if it was suddenly inaccessible?
  • Drag and drop to create copies of files with date time stamp or schedule auto-uploads from a specific folder on your device
  • Access your files at any time from Nextcloud app or via web browser from any device

Co-author and share files instead of emailing and losing track of updates

  • Avoid email size issues with drag and drop to save files (any size) for sharing  via secure link (which can have password and expiration)    
  • Edit documents, spreadsheets or project plans interactively with others
  • Files can be viewed and updated online or can be downloaded
  • Multiple users can simultaneously update files while interacting via the chat facility
  • Extensive Office functionality with OnlyOffice

Video or Audio call while sharing a presentation from your desktop

Share and sync your calendars

Protect your precious photos with auto-upload              

  • Imagine taking a photo on your phone and knowing that 10 minutes later your photo is safe on your home computer
  • Select a folder on your phone or device and all photos in that folder will be   automatically scheduled for back up via upload to deskonline.cloud
  • Auto-uploads are enabled when connected over Wi-Fi        
  • Uploads can be scheduled and are enabled even when connected over the mobile network.
  • Access your photos on deskonline.cloud using the Nextcloud app or a web browser from any device        

Share photos or videos across the internet but control who has access

  • Drag and drop files or share from your album/gallery
  • Access files from Nextcloud app or via web browser from any device
  • Provide secure links to external users or share within your circle of deskonline.cloud contacts


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