How did help me get my business done today?

Third week of the month, which means I have a monthly Board Meeting to attend for an NFP that I work with. Here’s a rundown of how I used before, during and after my meeting today:

Files + Desktop Sync
To prep for the meeting, I save monthly reports out of emails and to my desktop folders then mark up my comments in the files. Attachments in emails are then deleted (my exchange server thanks me!). My desktop folders are synced with, so these files will be available locally (if I want to view on my laptop) or online through Files in (if I want to log in and view from another device e.g. mobile, tablet OR if I want to share these with someone else at the meeting)

I record notes/actions throughout the meeting using Notes in deskonline. While taking my notes today, I needed to check minutes from a couple of months ago so a single click to the panel on the left opens up the meeting notes I’m looking for. Another single click takes me back to the notes for this meeting. Quick as – no need to navigate through folders in explorer or Files to find meeting minutes.

Camunda Integration
After today’s meeting, I decide to add some elements to the E2E business workflow I’m building for this group. I launch Camunda Integration in by opening the BPMN diagram from Files in I make the changes I need then a quick click let’s me export the page to a single page .pdf or .svg, without having to muck around with page settings.

Side note: To map out business workflow, I will create a new ‘diagram’ if I am looking for a VISIO style flowchart. But I’ve found that Camunda is much more efficient (less clicks!) to rapidly map a large workflow and organise components on the page. The added benefit is that when we’re ready to take a chunk of process and automate it, the groundwork component definition has already been done in Camunda BPMN.

Files App + File Sharing
Sending the file to the other Board members is easy – I navigate to the file using Files in, choose the appropriate File Sharing option (password, expiration, allow download etc), copy the share link, paste it into an email and send. Recipients can then access the PDF through my Files in files, per the permissions I’ve set. When recipients are users in, I can share directly from within, no need to send a link.

Had my laptop run out of power during the meeting today (the ongoing battle with PS controllers for the free power spot) I would have been able to carry on by accessing everything above (yes, even the .bpmn file!) through my phone or any other internet connected device.

the Deck app in deskonline – Gig List is looking empty *COVID

keeping track of our gigs this year using the Deck…those lists would usually be packed full of cards by now!

Labels – these are customisable per deck, add your own to track status or use the predefined labels.
Users – assign users to the card to notify someone of a task or activity they need to be involved in. We use it here to show who’s got a ticket to the show.
Stacks – SO MAY STACKS of cards! I’ve said this before, it’s like having an unlimited amount of post-it notes, only they don’t fall off the wall 😉

Remote working now?

If you need some help finding the remote working collaboration tool that works for you, we’d love to introduce you to to see if it is the right fit for your business.

We’re a little biased, but we think is a neat alternative to the big guys.

Get on with your business from wherever you and your team are 👉

💻 Create, share and update your documents real time from any device with internet connection (laptop, pc, tablet, smartphone)

📲 Keep your team conversations going with Talk (chat + video calls + screen sharing)

💻 View team Activities to help you all stay up to date with what’s going on

📲 Explore a suite of pretty cool collaboration tools (Kanban, Dashboard Charts, Calendar, Project Groups + more) is an Australian AWS hosted Nextcloud shared environment, utilising end-to-end encryption to securely segregate your data from everyone else’s.

afternoon at a small business expo…

We had a very interesting afternoon at a small business expo and where ‘the cloud’ was mentioned constantly.

Everyone explained how they wanted to move to the cloud, but they also want the reassurance they have by having a company server which they could ‘touch’. So the the physical reassurance is still paramount.

With Deskonline, the Nextcloud sync agent can be installed on Windows or Linux and provides two-way data synchronization. This not only provides an encrypted backup to your data, but also provides online access to your files which are still stored on your physical server.

What does this mean? A seamless user experience in the transition to ‘the cloud’. Work natively as you always have, but know that your files are backed up and accessible to you from when you log into deskonline from any device connected to the internet (phone, tablet, laptop, pc).